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Quality Childcare in a Registered Home Environment

Illawarra Family Day Care (IFDC) provides quality childcare for 0 - 13 year olds. Care is provided by professional Educators in a registered home environment.

Illawarra Family Day Care believes that all children have the right to:

  • nurturing care in a family environment
  • respect
  • education
  • protection
  • an environment that allows growth and healthy development of the individual child

By providing high-quality home based child care IFDC believes that children are given the opportunity to experience care in an enriching environment - one that allows them to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Quality Child Care in a Child-Centred Environment

Illawarra Family Day Care provides:

  • Small group settings (with a maximum of 4 pre-school children)
  • A comfortable and secure home environment
  • Personalised care for all children
  • Fun and relaxation in an atmosphere that enhances the child’s social development
  • Stimulating activities in larger group settings
  • Play-sessions and regular planned outings

Quality Home-Based Child Care: Monitoring and Supporting Educators

Illawarra Family Day Care Staff monitor and support Educators through fortnightly home visits; play-sessions and ongoing in-house training to assist them in maintaining a high quality child care service

Quality Child Care: Managed by a Community Based Committee

Illawarra Family Day Care is a not-for-profit community organisation that is guided and supported by the Illawarra Family Day Care Scheme Management Committee. This long-standing committee is dedicated to the scheme giving freely of their time.