Becoming an Educator - Becoming an Educator

Roles and Responsibilities of the Educator

There are many reasons why people want to offer day care in their homes.  

Some need to add to their income without having to work outside of the home.  

Many others enter Family Day Care because the are passionate and enjoy the company of children and know how to provide for their growth and development, in a nuturing environment.  

As the word’s “Family Day Care” indicates, caring for children in your home involves the whole family. Members of the Educator’s family play an important role in the children’s experience.


·      Adhering to current State Regulations

·      Meeting W H & S legislation

·      Following scheme Policies and Procedures

·      Participating in National Quality Framework requirements

·      Participate in ongoing professional development e.g. training

·      Providing parents with ongoing information about their child’s daily activities.



 Educators must fulfill administration and business requirements of a self employed person e.g. taxation.

    Maintaining confidentiality.

·      Educator needs to plan a programme to meet the individual child’s needs and interest according to EYLF curriculum.

·     The Educator is solely responsible for the children at all times; and cannot delegate this responsibility to any other household members.



The Family Day Care service is a “smoke free” environment. 



It is the Educator’s duty of care to protect the children and to ensure that a safe, caring and nurturing environment is provided for the children.  

W  H & S

It is the Educator’s responsibility to maintain a safe environment in keeping with the requirements of current W H & S Legislation.