Looking for Childcare - Enrolments


Guide to Successful Enrolment


As of the 1st of July, 2018, the new Child Care Subsidy was introduced. If you need information regarding this you can contact us on 42618299.
Ensure your information is up to date
 Make sure all contact details and other information are always updated with your Educator or contact us.


Customer Reference Number (CRN) is issued by Centrelink and is a unique identifier for uses in all claims for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Immunisation Records
As of the 1 January 2014 blue books will no longer be accepted as proof of immunisation, we need the printout from Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).  
You can access this through MYGOV. 


Fees and Assistance



How much are the fees?

Family Day Care fees vary from Educator to Educator, the range is $8.70 per hour to $12.90 per hour.

Before and After school care, the range is $8.70 per hour to $30.00 per hour.