Philosophy - Philosophy

·         Illawarra Family Day Care strives to provide a high quality home based Child Care Service which will meet the needs of all families.  We comply with all current state and National Regulations, Law, NQS and WHS.


·         We believe all Educators should be supported and monitored on regular home visits to ensure quality care is being provided.


·         We will support Educators to provide a warm, caring, safe environment and will provide regular safety audits.


·         We will support Educators to foster the cognitive, social, physical, creative and emotional development of each child recognising and accepting their individuality


·         We will ensure children are given every opportunity to reach their full potential, before entering the School environment.


·         We will encourage our Educators to promote and program in their everyday practice environmental issues and sustainability.  Enhance all children’s awareness of the environment and build on life skills to help them sustain our planet. 


·         We will support Educators to provide a culturally inclusive home environment that recognises values and celebrates the cultural differences that exist in their children and families.


·         We will embrace children with additional needs, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and all other cultures, utilising Early Year Learning Framework and My Time Our Place as a resource tool.


·         We will support Educators to encourage self-help skills, school readiness skills, best hygiene practices and independence through a daily routine to encourage all children to develop a strong sense of wellbeing, and be well prepared for the school environment.


·         We are dedicated to working with families and Educators towards quality outcomes for all children and will discuss with families any referral options they may need within the community to help their child grow and develop.


·          We are also dedicated to communicating with and supporting families in ways that can help their child prepare for school.


·         We believe all staff and Educators should enhance their knowledge of child care practices by providing regular ongoing training throughout the year to update a range of skills needed to provide quality child care.


·         We will encourage all Educators to promote healthy nutritious meals, and give children opportunities for physical exercise during their daily programs.