The Illawarra Family Day Care Logo

IFDC updated their logo at the end of 2022 in the search to create a meaningful and unique logo that captured the history, core functions, values and vision of the entire scheme. IFDC recognises that our past plays an important role in shaping our identity and who we are today.

IFDC began operating in the Illawarra in 1977 and shares a long and respected history within the Illawarra community. This is indicated in the waves framing 1977, also representing our coastal region. The dots next to Illawarra represents the land in which we work from.

The home in the centre of the rainbow and is the centre stone of our core values, capturing and embracing education and care in the home environment, whilst also featuring the high support we offer our families, children, educators, staff and community members.

The rainbow captures our vision for children, with the four lines representing four children in the early years. The rainbow also has an indigenous influence, whilst apparent, it is subtle and respectful representing a metaphor for home.

The colour yellow is significant as it represent happiness and creativity and beautifully reflects our scheme philosophy in every element.