Management Team

  • Paul Committee President

    As president of the committee Paul provides leadership and direction to IFDC committee. He runs meetings, guides the committee in their roles and ensures that everyone is fulfilling their individual responsibilities. Paul provides a pivotal link between the committee and the Coordination Unit.

  • Melissa Nominated Supervisor

    Melissa is our Nominated Supervisor. She is the responsible person for the day-to-day management of Illawarra Family Day Care, including the management and implementation of National laws & regulations, service policies, government compliance and the National Quality Framework. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Early Learning (0-5yrs) with over 18 years’ experience working in the industry.

  • Nicole Coordinator

    Nicole and Anita support, assist and mentor our educators with compliance, educational programs, child development and wellbeing. They also work alongside children and their families and other professionals. Nicole holds a Diploma of children services. Before becoming a coordinator in 2019, Nicole was a registered educator with IFDC for 15 years, and 30 years of experience in the early child hoods industry

  • Anita Coordinator / Educational Leader

    Anita holds a Diploma of children services and begun her journey with IFDC in 2003, where she has held multiple roles within the organisation, and over 30 years of experience in the early child hoods industry. Anita is also our Educational Leader who inspires, motivates, affirms and challenges and extends the practice and pedagogy of educators.

  • Trish Administration Officer

    Trish is our friendly and welcoming Administration Officer.  Trish is our first point of call communicating with families, educators and community. She also manages all enrolments, bookings and waitlist. Trish has a certificate Three in Business Administration and has worked in administration since 1994.

  • Jodie Business Service Officer

    Jodie manages all the financial accounts for IFDC. Jodie does this working remotely from Queensland. She has been a valued team member since as ---- beginning her journey with IFDC as an educator, before transitioning into other multiple roles within the organisation making her a versatile and valuable team member.